How to have your beef cake and eat it

Have you ever heard of flexitarianism?

It is a diet that encourages more plant-based foods but allows the occasional consumption of meat and other animal products in moderation. Flexitarians are also known as flexible vegetarians or vegivores or even vegetarians with benefits.  

What makes the diet so popular is the flexibility it allows in terms of consuming a variety of different foods. There are no rules attached – flexitarians can consume meat once or twice a week or the opposite –  just have a meat-free Monday.

This diet is incredibly popular with people who want to make the conscious choice to reduce their meat intake over concerns of global warming or animal welfare but are not keen on committing to a full vegan or vegetarian diet. A flexi diet could be beneficial for your health, too. One study suggest that if you combine it with physical exercise, flexitarianism could reduce the risks of breast and prostate cancer.

You can learn more about flexitarianism here:

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