Feng Shui: happy house, happy spouse

Meet Anna Dun, the Essex feng shui expert who can convince you within seconds that happy house means happy life

Anna is a practitioner of the classical feng shui and is a respected member of the International Feng Shui Association in Singapore and the Feng Shui Society in London.

If you feel like you are stuck in an endless cycle of negative emotions, your family life looks more like a battlefield and the last time you saw luck was in this sentence, then you might need to detox your home.

“It is the house doing it to you, because the house is not happy,” says classical feng shui master Anna Dun.

According to feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice, we can create balance and harmony in the environment we live in through the cultivation of universal energy (‘chi’).

It is important to note, however, that there are two different approaches of feng shui: authentic and contemporary. The latter one is a simplified version of the practice, which is often used to give Asian “flavor” to a place and general recommendations to attract positive vibes. The classical feng shui, on the other hand, incorporates the influence of stars and uses precise mathematical calculations and formulas to mark our activities with prosperity.

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Anna is a practitioner of the authentic Chinese art and is a respected member of the International Feng Shui Association in Singapore and the Feng Shui Society in London. She lives in Brightlingsea, but being such an expert requires constant travelling around the world to consult clients and successful companies like Coca Cola, Danone, El Corte Inglés and Ford.

When it comes to “feng shuiing” your place without a practitioner, the simplest thing to do according to Anna is let go of unnecessary items. If you have ever felt relived after clearing off your house, it is because objects retain energy and block the ‘path’ forward emotionally and physically.

“Your property must be light, well-aired, and not cluttered. Do not collect extra unnecessary items. Do not keep it dusty, because the chi, the energy of your life will not run properly and freely,” explains the feng shui master. “If you have something longer than 3 months and you never touched it – you don’t need it really.”

What Anna suggests to do instead is bless it and give it away to charity. The blessing will come back and make your life better and easier.

However, the philosophy of the classical feng shui goes deeper than that. The use of a compass is mandatory to determine in which direction each sector of your home falls into, including the centre. If a family runs into financial problems or one of its members is always sick, a feng shui expert can detect the area impacted by negative chi energy and make recommendations for improvement.

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When it comes to the middle, this part should be treated with respect. “It is the balance of your property and it must be empty,” says Anna. “Every year there is different planetary alignment for that middle and it tells you if it is fire, earth or water element that you have to support there.”

The system used to determine that is called the Flying Stars and represents how different planetary alignments “fly” into different sectors of your home.

“Northwest this year is the sector of your prosperity,” says Anna. If you want to attract money and success into your life, fill this sector with items that make you feel prosperous and place objects like pottery, marble or crystals as this is an area of Earth and needs earth and fire elements.”

“Every house has its soul,” adds Anna, which explains how rearranging your environment can influence your life. When considering which place on the market is right for you, she recommends avoiding old houses if possible.

She says: “I had a very interesting family in Kensington. The house was practically ruining them for years.  And when we managed to sell it, and they got another building, they became happy, everything came back to normal in their lives.”

To keep this state of harmony, Anna advises using lots of green plants (not spiky) in the areas you stay a lot as they take negative vibrations from people.

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“And the best thing you could do is look after your health. If you are healthy, you are able to deal with lots of issues in your life, because you have strength and good energy levels. You will attract more positive people and activities into your life. You will make your relationship with other people happier.”

So, even if you don’t feel like feng shui is you cup of tea, Anna is convinced being a good person is the universal key to a happy life.

“Envy is a very bad karma. Just let it be. Somebody got better luck. What can we do? Find your own way, find your own possibilities to get your dreams. Be positive.”

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