Two spiritual books to change your mindset

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1.Change your mind, Heal your Body by Anna Parkinson: the book you read to change your mind

A compelling story for everyone interested in healing the body by using the power of the mind but knowing little about it.

The book follows the story of Anna Parkinson, a successful journalist turned healer when diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. After experiencing various frustrations with the medical route, Anna uncovered the power of mind healing to the point where the MRI scan showed only tiny remnant of the tumour once almost destroyed her life.

This book is a jargon-free narrative that comprises clear and brief instructions on life-changing practices and is a definite must-read.

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2. Practical guide to Crystal healing by Simon & Sue Lilly: the book you read to use the power of crystals

For centuries, crystals have been used as an alternative medicine to enhance our spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

This Practical Guide uses clear, step-by-step instructions in teaching you how to use crystals to heal your body, balance your life or simply cope with changes. This book will serve you as a comprehensive guide, regardless if you are an experienced user or new to the power of crystal healing.

Join Simon and Sue Lilly on this journey and you will learn how to use important crystals for specific illnesses and situations, from insomnia and migraines to depression and upheaval of moving a house.

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