Four ex-forces members switch to a civilian life

thumbnail_ex Forces Galloper team
Four ex-forces Galloper team

Four ex-military personnel  have switched from a military career to a civilian life in the wind sector.

The ex-forces members have served for the British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force before joining the Harwich-based Galloper Wind Farm.

Both Mark Annis, supervisor, and Richard Holmes, technician, have joined the wind sector from the Royal Navy where they were marine engineers involved in overseas operations.

Mark Annis said: “I was a chief petty officer where team work was crucial and likewise it is also a big part of the offshore wind industry”.

His colleague Richard Holmes added: “Being offshore, working in unpredictable environments and with the fact that both the renewables industry and the armed forces stand for making a better world for our children, I haven’t looked back. “

James Weller, another Galloper Wind member, was previously an aircraft technician.

He said: “I worked with various squadrons including the C-130 Hercules, GR4 Tornado and Aircraft Crash Recovery and mechanically, the hydraulic and rotating systems and aerofoils on wind turbine are very similar those used on the aircraft I was used to so transferring over was quite familiar.”

Galloper’s Production Manager Kieron Drew, made his way through the British Army, having served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Northern Ireland.

 He said: “The transferable technical, logistics and engineering skills from the army to offshore wind are important but just as relevant are personal skills such as leadership, physical fitness, and positive attitude.

 “But I also feel renewable energy is vital for our future and chose the sector because I wanted to make a difference to the world outside the army.”

Galloper’s four ex-Forces personnel are part of a team of 60 working on the wind farm’s turbines and ensuring they operate with maximum efficiency.

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