Hotel prices in Ipswich soar for Ed Sheeran’s 2019 gigs

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Ed Sheeran’s fans are forced to  pay double and triple the usual price for hotels when he is performing in August.

The Suffolks’ superstar is playing on four consecutive days on August 23, 24, 25 and 26 and hotel managers are already cashing in on the artist’s appearance.

Hotels close to Chantry Park, where Ed Sheeran is performing, are already fully booked, despite the soaring prices.

‘There are a lot of people coming for the concerts. Our rooms were sold out months back,’ said a spokesman for the Holiday Inn Ipswich Hotel, which is only a mile away from the venue.

Fans wanting to stay there for one night on August 23 will face paying around £201– that is more than double what a one-night stay costs the previous weekend.

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‘It is every hotel ever. If they are busy, they just put the prices up. Prices fluctuate,’ said a spokesman for the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Another popular property close to Chantry Park, the Muthu Belstead Brook Hotel, has also put its prices up.  A standard double room on a flex basis rises from £112 the Saturday before to £340 on August 24, the second day of Ed Sheeran’s performings.

Credit: News Field

Asked whether she regards the increase of hotel prices as a natural economics of business, Mrs Hussain, a spokesman for the Bridge Guest House Ipswich said: ‘There are hotels that have put their prices up extremely high.  They have doubled and tripled them .We haven’t done that. I find it very unfair.’

However, according to Mr. Hussain, the great number of people staying in Ipswich during the gigs will be ‘a good impact on the local economy’.

Ipswich Borough councillor Bryony Rudkin said: ‘Ed’s concerts are going to be massive, not only for his fans but also for the town and its businesses.’

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The four concerts are the largest held in the town since BBC Radio 1’s One Big Sunday in 2010.

Ipswich will host the final performings of Ed’s 2019 European tour which will see him play in France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Czech republic, Latvia, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, before stopping off in Leeds and then Suffolk, his hometown.

Ed Sheeran’s first two Ipswich shows were sold out in less than half an hour after they were announced.

The Chantry Park concerts have a capacity between 40,000 and 45,000 people.

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