A model who is more than just a pretty face

26c0fb7a7-d454-4619-accc-cd695132c8f0Modelling is a challenging profession. It takes time, commitment and persistence. But Valeria Georgieva takes all these qualities and adds passion, self-discipline and philanthropy.  The twenty-year-old model is a living proof that outer beauty will always capture eyes, but only inner beauty will capture people’s hearts.

Coming from a small town in Bulgaria, Valeria started her modelling career six years ago and so far she has been featured in a range of magazines and commercials in Bulgaria and Japan. But she is more than a beautiful face. She is a vegan and an animal right activist, whose lifelong dream is to make the world a better place for animals.

Check out the interview with this amazing model to find out more about her personality!


Thank you for doing this interview with me today, Valeria.  I would like to start with a little backstory. How did you start modelling?

Thank you for taking the time to interview me today.  I started modelling six years ago when I won my first beauty pageant. Back then, I was 14 years old when a representer of Inter Model’s offered me to model for their agency. I was excited and scared at the same time, but I seized the opportunity. However, I came to know the true meaning of being a model two years ago when I modelled in Japan for the first time.


Could you describe a typical day of you doing castings? What do you usually wear?

An agency representer calls me in advance and gives me information about my schedule for the following day and what exactly I will be doing. At castings, models are asked to dress as simply as possible, since the people responsible for the castings need to see how each model looks like, without the jurors being distracted by loud prints or overwhelming colours. My basic model outfit usually means black skinny jeans, a neutral tank or T-shirt, and a good pair of high heels.

You have recently been to Tokyo for four months. What is life like in Japan?

I was born in Bulgaria but I feel like Japan became my second home. Asia and the professional approach of make-up artists, hair stylists and photographers really fascinated me. After my first trip to Japan in 2017 I swore I would never come back there because of the specific cuisine, but now I actually miss it. People really change after all. This year I spent 4 months in this breathtaking country. I modelled for two months in Osaka and then for another two in Tokyo. Honestly, I can’t wait to go back there again.


Tell me about one of the most interesting shoots you have done.

Oh, that’s a very difficult question. I can’t say which shoot was the most interesting one, but I can definitely tell you about the most extraordinary one. It’s the shoot for bridal kimonos. The kimono is the traditional symbol of Japan and women wear it on different occasions. And I can assure you that kimonos are really heavy and tight to walk around in. It might sound ridiculous, but the first time I wore a kimono, it was so tight that I passed out and then the casting staff had to help me regain consciousness. But every job has its ups and downs, I guess. However, I admit I love my profession. People say: ‘”Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’. I think I made the best choice possible.


Do you think being a model is a rewarding profession?

Yes. You can even make a living as a model, especially if you model for a famous fashion brand. This job is undoubtedly highly paid.

You have a perfect body. How do you keep it in a good shape?

Thank you, but still there is more to be accomplished. I used to go to swimming and dancing classes, but now I just burn off the calories with intense workouts in the gym 5 times a week. Apart from training, I follow a healthy diet. I have been a vegetarian all my life and I decided to stop eating dairy products one year ago. I feel more than comfortable in my own skin.


What is your stand on all the standards imposed on models? Is it necessary to fill a certain requirement when it comes to face, weight, waist, bust, hips, just to be a successful model?

I cannot deny that all models try to meet the criteria when it comes to having a perfect body. The truth, however, is that agencies no longer follow the same criteria when it comes to physical attributes, namely because the number of models suffering from anorexia is increasing dramatically. Everything has changed nowadays, so when you sign a contract with an agency, you just give them a composite card. This is basically a portfolio, showing your best photos, contact details and measurements. Every week the agency checks whether your measurements have changed. If you gain weight, for example, you will have to follow a diet, because with different measurements you might not be suitable for the next shoot you have already signed to do. However, the most successful models these days are those who don’t fill the ‘perfect requirements’ for weight, waits, and bust.


Valeria, you are more than a pretty face. You founded an organization for homeless animals 4 years ago. Tell me something more about the charity work you do.

It is not a secret that my love for animals is endless. When I was very little my burning desire was to have a shelter for homeless animals one day. I felt and I still feel their pain, when they suffer, I suffer. That’s why I stopped eating meat and dairy products. I wanted to make difference and in 2014 I became a volunteer in an animal welfare organization. I met Kristina Pavlova, the person who shares my love for animals, and we both decided to set up our own charity organisation. Currently, we are taking care of more than 50 dogs and we count on donations. If someone signals for an injured animal, we take it to a vet clinic and then try to find adopters – people that will take care of the animal and give it all the love in the world.


How do you manage to find the balance between being a model and a life saver?

I won’t lie to you. It is really hard. People signal our organization all the time and it is really difficult to take care of more than fifty dogs at the same time, especially when most of them suffer from different deceases or need special treatment in vet clinics. On the other hand, there is my personal life, too. I have to find my own path in life and make a living so I can help other animals in need. Every time I leave my hometown to model I am heartbroken.That’s why I try to postpone my personal obligations as much as I can. And when I am away I am always in touch with Kristina. Even when I was in Japan, I tried to do my best to help her. That’s our crusade after all.


Why did you choose helping animals and not people?

Actually, I have helped people. Unfortunately, I came to understand that most of them take advantage of your kindness, take your sympathy for granted. Animals, on the other hand, are innocent. They give you all the love they have and want nothing in return. It so sad that more and more people are reluctant to help animals in need and even hurt them intentionally. When a person needs help, someone will always be there, while homeless animals have nobody. That’s why I chose helping animals, not people.

Have you ever thought of giving up on your cause?

Kristina and I are constantly going through difficult times. Watching animals suffer could be so traumatic that sometimes we want to run away, but then… We look these miserable animals in the eyes and say: ‘We will get through this, we are all they have. We can’t fail them, too. We can only make their world a better place’.


Who is your role model in life?

That is a really good question. I look up to Brigitte Bardot. Not only is she famous for being a successful model, but she also has a helpful and sensitive nature. She founded the first animal protection organization. As a matter of fact, there are a few people that call me ‘the Bulgarian Brigitte Bardot”.

Which five words would you use to describe yourself?

Sensitive, loving, selfless and sympathetic, always ready to sacrifice her own happiness in the name of someone else.


If you were God for one day what would you do?

I would try to change people and their attitude towards the defenceless. I would make them realize that hatred and violation of animals are nothing but destructive qualities.

You are an amazing person, Valeria. One more time, thank you for this interview.

Thank you.



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