Ardleigh artist wins two months trading in Fenwick

A further four local entrepreneurs win one-week trading opportunity

Photo by ‘Navistitch’

Samantha Luxford is taking her stitching business to Colchester’s Fenwick store for two months after winning Colbea’s ‘In the Market for Success’ competition.

The announcement was made during the Colbea’s Annual General Party at Wivenhoe House, Colchester in front of 100 members of the local business community.  The awarded Ardleigh artist transforms out-of-date nautical charts into personal artworks and creates unique printed greeting cards. According to Julie Haywood, the Group Buying Director for Fenwick, Samantha had delivered a clear direction and understanding of where to take her NaviStitch business.

Speaking about the prize, Samantha said: ‘I am thrilled to have been selected as the winner, and I’m looking forward to working with such a prestigious retailer as Fenwick.’ Alongside with her, Josie Dom, Jacquelyn Hayward, Kate Cox and Philippa Kettlewell  all won one-week trading in Fenwick. The competitors had to reveal their strategy of delivery before facing a judging panel.  Ashleigh Seymour-Rutherford, the Colbea Chief Executive, said the judges had been very impressed by the amount of hard work and dedication that had gone into the applications.

Although the judging panel were in unanimous agreement that Samantha was the overall winner, the four runners-up drew the admiration of the critics with their strategies for business expansion. While presenting the awards, Julie Haywood said: ‘The standard of all entrants was incredibly high, and there are definitely a lot of talented people in this room.’

Amongst the guests of the event were the Mayor of Colchester Councillor Peter Chillingworth and Mayoress Ann Chillingworth, sponsors, stakeholders and representatives of organisations such as Colchester Borough Council and Colchester Ambassadors.

‘In the Market for Success’ was just one of the many trading opportunities Colbea (Colchester Business Enterprise Agency) offers. The non-profit organisation is devoted to supporting entrepreneurs through advice, training, networking and development.  It is currently home to more than 50 businesses and its main goal is to make positive influence on people and communities.

Photo by ‘Navistitch’

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